5 Best Website Builders in 2018

5 Best Website Builders in 2018

If you are looking to build a website there is no shortage of choice on offer but this important decision should only be made once in-depth research has been carried out

5 website builders to consider:

You are encouraged to review and assess as many website builder offerings as you feel necessary. To help you get started here are the 5 best website builders in 2018 based on information gleaned from reviewers and users alike.


Wix currently stand top of the pile as the number 1 DIY website platform. They began business in 2006 and must be ranked as one of the pioneering companies in the code free, drag and drop website building industry.

Free and subscribed packages are available with a free 14-day trial period included for users who upgrade from the free package. This website builder allows you full control of creative design for your website and allows content to be placed wherever you wish

Close to 110 million websites have been created with Wix and the company currently has paying subscribers numbering just under 3 million. These installed sites cover a wide range of industries and new users will have a choice of over 500 professionally designed templates to choose from.


Squarespace was established 2 years before Wix. They must also be classed in the pioneer bracket when it comes to DIY websites.

They do not offer a free service but do give a free 14-day trial period. This allows prospective users time to get a feel for the product before deciding whether or not they want to opt for the paid version.

Being a private company, they do not have to disclose figures in terms of subscribers but have stated numbers exceed 1 million. The templates offered are stand-out, they should certainly catch the eye and all are mobile responsive. This last point means users do not need to use a mobile editor for visitors who access site via a mobile device.


Another huge influencer in the history of this sector. Weebly were formed in 2007 and over the last few years have seen a very healthy growth in business. Their user base now stands at 40 million websites built and all current indications show a continuous, positive growth in customer numbers.

Weebly offer free and subscribed packages with a generous 30-day refund period for those who opt to upgrade from the free service to a subscribed package. This builder is recognised as one of the easiest to use and is seen as being extremely user-friendly.

The number of mobile responsive templates is constantly growing and they currently offer 40 pre-designed page layouts. This means you do not have to start page designs from scratch.


With over 10,000 design templates, free email address and a user-friendly drag and drop editor are on offer. SiteBuilder.com state that their package offers 3 simple steps to build your website:

  1. Pick a domain
  2. Choose a domain
  3. Publish your website.

Inclusive use of various tools will enable you to get online today. This claim is backed up using solid customer and technical support channels. Existing users rate this drag and drop website builder very highly.

As well as a free package the company offers 3 subscribed packages. The company is currently enticing new users with a very healthy first year discount on all tiers of their subscribed package.


With a free domain name, the inclusion of unlimited hosting, a selection of marketing tools and an effective, easy to use DIY website builder this popular package also comes optimized for SEO.

A very important part of the offer is their unlimited expert chat and phone support. This is unlimited and is available throughout the implementation phase.

Customers can take full advantage of the domain, hosting and professional email address segment of this package. By doing so they will be launching a new website with all the essentials required. Topping this highly responsive website building package off is an enticing introductory price.

Which website building package is right for you?

Without understanding specific needs and requirements of those looking for a website building package it is not possible to say which offer would be the best fit.

To ensure you pick the most appropriate offer it is recommended that extensive research and a wide-ranging review of website builder packages be carried out. Those of sufficient interest should be listed.

This list should then be culled to produce a preferred short-list and each of these packages should be taken on a free trial period to be used and assessed. The results of this testing will be the deciding factor in terms of which package best fits your needs.

Not in dispute:

One thing that will not be disputed is:

The 5 best website builders in 2018 named above will certainly have challengers in this thriving business sector. This means you will benefit by casting your website building net far and wide before making that final decision.

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