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Emails are older than websites, would you believe it? Yet, in this age of Whatsapp and Facebook, they are still going strong. In fact, email marketing has more conversion rate than any other advertisement. Use this awesome advertising and communication medium using the best email marketing services in London from digiceed.

Our email marketing services in London has been the source of low cost yet highly directed and effected online marketing campaign for many. We have been serving our clients as the leading email marketing agency in London and dozens of clients have benefitted our finely tuned email marketing campaigns. We are a highly successful email marketing company in London and our track record bears testimony of our efficiency.

Amazing Advantages of email marketing

  • Low cost marketing, costs much lower than any other form of advertisement, virtually free.
  • Pick your targets manually as email marketing allows you to add recipients.
  • Insert as many call to action in any form of your choice. It’s your email marketing, your freedom.
  • Easy to track, every interaction with the email can be tracked.
  • Easy to reach out to your customers, your message directly in their inbox.
  • Swift and immediate, message reaches your customers as soon as you send it, no review, no delays.
  • Study shows email marketing offers the best return on investment than any other online marketing initiative.

Why choose digiceed as your email marketing company in London

  • We will formulate your complete email marketing campaign strategy.
  • All emails are professionally created, tested for responsiveness across devices.
  • All your favourite CTR inserted in the email.
  • Details tracking report, presented to you in simple actionable form.
  • Multi-variant tests for better CTR and conversion.
  • Complete and perfect social media integration in the emails for better and easier sharing.
  • Crisp, fresh and copyright free images used.
  • Copies written by experienced copywriters from the advertising agency.
  • We charge depending on your size, so the costs are never over your head.
  • We can design your email marketing campaign from scratch or from your favourite template.
  • We will encourage the visitors to sign up for the email subscription, giving you an increased database of potential customers.

Email marketing is the most cost-effective and direct communication mode in digital marketing and digiceed is the most preferred email marketing company in London. If you need an email marketing agency in London ensure that it is none but digiceed. Our experts, yes we have separate team of email marketing experts, will launch your campaign in no time and your services and products will reach your potential clients, directly in their inbox.


the most popular questions

Q: Will you get me email list?

A: No. We don’t believe in sending thousands of unsolicited emails. We will gather subscribers or add to the existing list after the user voluntarily asks for these emails. That being said, as your email marketing agency in London, we will try our best to entice them for this action.

Q: How will you charge me?

A: Generally we charge per email. Again, the rates depend on the number of the recipients. We will reach an amicable solution once we have finalised the content and the number of recipients.

Q: Can I include user-specific offers in these emails?

A: Of course you can. We can do it manually for you. Or, we can also establish an algorithm for the system to be automatic. Ask us about the detailed process.

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