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Sort Your On Page SEO issues Out – Initiate an Effective SEO campaign

With our tools and expertise, we will perform a detailed technical SEO audit and remove every problem from your site, even
before you build your first backlink. That’s how a great SEO campaign begins.

Great SEO Campaign Begins With Great Technical SEO Service from digiceed

Good SEO begins at home, ahem, we mean on the website itself. A properly designed website is the first logical step to launch your SEO campaign. Technical SEO services from digiceed do exactly that. Using multiple tools and combining it with our experience, we make your website the most SEO-friendly website ever. Google bot will simply fall in love with your on page SEO and you will rank much higher than your competitors.

digiceed has a wonderful team for providing technical SEO services and we have rescued hundreds of websites from complex coding, SEO roadblocks and wrong implementation of SEO practices. Technical SEO is not limited to adding meta tags and pasting the Google Analytics code, there are much beyond it.

What’s included in technical SEO services from digiceed

  • Complete technical SEO audit of the website.
  • Implementing codes for Google Analytics, Google Remarketing, Google Adwords, Google Tag manager and more.
  • Complete implementation of other tracking codes and APIs.
  • Complete technical audit of the title tags, meta tags, meta descriptions and more.
  • Complete Rich snippet optimisation.
  • Complete Google bot access definition using Robots.txt.
  • Complete optimisation of content, keywords density, H1, H2 and H3 tags etc, content originality checking, achieving the perfect HTML to text ratio.
  • Complete image optimisation, including description, alt tags, load time, size &compression etc.
  • Site loading issues optimisation including load balancing and server issues.
  • Complete on-page linking check, remove broken links, and update links as needed.
  • Adding or updating missing language declaration.
  • Complete responsiveness check. (For responsive websites, highly recommended)

Advantage of on page SEO services from digiceed

  • The ultimate weapon to rectify every on-page issues for your website.
  • Technical SEO audit is the logical first step of every SEO campaign, no on-page SEO issues mean every SEO endeavour getting maximum utilisation.
  • Enable easy crawling for Google bot and allow it to index every page of your choice, quickly.
  • On page SEO ensures a favourable preferences from Google for following their recommendation.
  • Better user satisfaction as website loads faster and is more responsive. This leads to improved CTR and better conversion rates.
  • Perfect for long-tail keywords optimisation, these keywords have the highest chances to convert.

On page SEO service has a permanent value as you are in total control and it wouldn’t change until you change it. In our opinion, a technical SEO audit is a long term investment which brings in repeated returns. digiceed offers the most comprehensive technical SEO audit and then offers complete on page SEO services to every client. Before you venture into the complex and confusing journey of SEO, get your basics right, ask digiceed for technical SEO services for your website.


the most popular questions

Q: Can I have SEO campaign running while doing on page SEO?

A: Yes but we would recommended the opposite. Sort your on page issues before you start building links or share links on social networks. Don’t irk your users and Google bot, they might take a long time to return.

Q: Is it a onetime process?

A: No. While it is not to be performed daily, we should run a technical SEO audit periodically, approximately bi-monthly> there are multiple reasons behind these. Simply put, anything unattended to would accumulate dust, you need to clean them sometimes.

Q: Will you provide images and contents as needed?

A: Yes but you need to pay for those. If you have images and contents, you need to share it with us. We will optimise those but creation of contents and images are not included in the on page SEO service package.

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