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The Most ROI-Minded PPC Agency in London; Digiceed

PPC is your instant ticket to the top of search engines and only Digiceed knows how to make it to the top within your budget. Our affordable PPC services are your best bet for attracting traffic to your site instantly and convert them into real buyers. We are a premier PPC agency in London and we have helped many clients to get the maximum number of qualified clients within their marketing budget. If that is your target as well, Digiceed’s PPC services in London is what you need.

We offer PPC management in London to companies with different budgets, different objectives and from different arenas. We use catchy headlines, enticing texts and professionally designed images or flash animations to grab the attention of your users and bring them back to your site. We will produce more click than any other PPC agency in London within your given budget

What Can Affordable PPC Services Do For You

  • PPC gives instant results so that your campaign starts the moment you decide. Within 2 hours, your ads are showing all over the internet.
  • PPC combines Google search network and Google display network, ensuring that your ad receives the maximum global exposure.
  • Choose your target users based on age, sex, location, reference, browsing history or affinity sections. Exclude certain demographies if you want. It’s all in your hands. Efficient PPC management in London would ensure this, easily.
  • Filter your preferences in innumerable ways or simply manually choose where you want to display your ads. Your ads will be displayed only where you want.
  • Test multiple variations of your ads with different body texts, different headiness or different images. Check out multiple landing page designs and use the combination which converts the most. Any good PPC Agency in London would set this up.
  • Turn the campaign on when you want, turn if off when you want. It takes only one click!
  • Control your budget with a tight fist and stay within your marketing budget, strictly. PPC is the only campaign which allows this.
  • Choose how and when you want to pay as Google offers modes like Pay Per Click, Pay per View and even Pay Per Conversion options!
  • Track the PPC performance in details with the in-built Google tracking mechanism. Go for deep analysis of your campaign to make it more effective. Good PPC services in London offers this by default.

But Why Digiceed as My PPC Agency in London

  • We are a fully Google certified company and our campaign managers are Google certified as well. Your PPC management in London can never get better.
  • Digiceed offers Remarketing to one and all. Chase your visitor across the internet who dropped out at the last moment before making a purchase and show them your ad till they return and make the purchase.
  • Show more for less. Digiceed utilises the Ad Extensions cleverly and displays much more than the text body allows, making us a ROI-oriented PPC agency in London. Show call extensions, hours of operation, sitelinks and more to your visitors
  • Digiceed is one of the few PPC services in London who employs dynamic matching of keywords to make your ads the most relevant to your clients. Perfectly matched ads rank better and also get more clicks from your clients.
  • Digiceed shows your ads only to those who you want. We will filter out using age, sex, location, browsing history, affinity category so that your traffic is qualified and every click matters as every click costs.
  • Trained and experienced copywriters write optimised and tempting headlines and text body for your ads.
  • We create dedicated pages for your ad groups so we can emphasize a special offer, a particular product or service. Our PPC management in London is simply unmatched.
  • Digiceed creates different modes of campaign and you can choose when you want to pay, per click, per impression, per view or even per conversion!
  • Whatever happens, we always stay within the budget as decided. If you want affordable PPC services, Digiceed is your only option.
  • From campaign set up to maintenance and reporting charges, Digiceed charges you incredibly low campaign management fees. Thus, you get the maximum ROI of your investment and most of your money is spent on the ads, not on us.

Digiceed is not just another PPC agency in London, we are the chosen PPC solutions provider to companies who wanted the maximum bang for their buck. Our PPC management in London has changed the fortune of many companies and have helped them earn more and more business online and gain better brand exposure. If you want the same, what are you waiting for! Get in touch with Digiceed.


Q: What is the minimum I can spend on PPC?

A: As low as you wish! You can start with a very low daily budget and increase it later if you want. Technically, your campaign is functional if your daily budget is one penny more than the bid on keywords. That being said, a few pounds a day is a good starting point.

Q: Do you help me in converting the visitors?

A: We will try our best but if you choose our Landing Page Optimisation service, we will go beyond our best and bring the most professionally designed landing pages for the best conversion ratio.

Q: Where will my ads show?

A: On the Google search result page or on the millions of websites on Google partner network or both. It all depends on you. You choose where to show your ad, when to show your ad and to whom to show your ads to. Digiceed will set your campaign up just like that.


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