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Google Remarketing Solutions From digiceed… chase customers…sell products…repeat…

Google Remarketing is a wonderful solution for targeting customers who dropped off before placing their final orders. digiceed is a Google certified agency who has mastered the art of remarketing solutions and has emerged as one of the best remarketing companies in London. Using Google prescribed methods and finely tuning your online remarketing campaign, we can help you to convert those customers who have the highest chance of converting. Simply put, use your energy where it matters and convert those who are half converted already.

Conversion is the ultimate goal for any website and if that doesn’t happen, every digital marketing initiative is meaningless. Do you see loads of visitors and no conversions? We can help you in finding back those lost (potential) customers and chase them across the internet with your ad, using our exclusive remarketing solutions. We have changed fortune of dozens of clients who suffered from this and we are confident that we can turn the tide for you as well.

Why to exploit Google’s online remarketing for your purpose

  • Target both search network and display network, use custom graphics and create more enticing ads.
  • Create brand awareness by repeatedly showing your products and logo on every website they visit.
  • More targeted ads, show them only the products they showed interests in. Especially useful if you sell multiple products.
  • Offer exclusive discounts and promotions to these customers, through your specially created ad copies.
  • Due to the low cost of Display network, the cost per conversion, or even the cost per click is very low.
  • As they are half convinced, it is easy to convert these buyers. It makes your job doubly easier.
  • Choose specific sites, if you wish, where to display your ads. If you feel any site is better performing, pay more for that site and get better visibility and placement.

Amazing Advantages of remarketing solutions from digiceed

  • Complex technical set up of online remarketing is handled by our certified managers, asking you to do nothing.
  • Ad copy created by industry experienced writers and visual designers, making it the most striking out ad copy on any page.
  • Visitors are selected using advanced algorithm, ensuring the online remarketing is targeted towards the highly potential buyers alone.
  • Specific site selection for better performance and conversion ratio of the remarketing solutions.
  • Manual budgeting, every penny is accounted for and you get the lowest possible rates, even lower than Google suggested rates, for your online remarketing campaign.
  • Detailed performance report of your online remarketing campaign so you get all the data and also the instantly actionable insights and performance KRA.
  • Years of experience as the best retargeting companies and dozens of remarketing campaign account handling, making us the safest pairs of hand for your online remarketing campaign.

Every smart digital marketing campaigner is using Google Remarketing to their heart’s content and frankly, they are reaping rich dividends. You need one of the best retargeting companies in UK like digiceed who can help you get going with this amazing online marketing channel for your products and services as well. Adopt online remarketing solutions from digiceed and never again lose a client midway!


the most popular questions

Q: How long does it take for my ads to show up, if I use online remarketing?

A: Instantly. All you need is 1000 people in your list. We will help you catch those users using special codes, integrated on your website.

Q: How do I pay for my online remarketing campaign?

A: You pay like you pay for normal Adwords campaign. Only difference is that these ads will be shown exclusively to the previous visitors of your website.

Footnote: though the main company still needs to be a US registered one..

Q: How do I know where my ads are being shown in my online remarketing campaign?

A: We will get you a detailed list of websites where your ads are shown and the performance of those ads including impression, click through rate and more. Furthermore, you can manually select which websites you want to show your ads on.

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