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Billions of Facebook, Twitter users.. where do I start?

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Social media is everywhere. Facebook has more than 1 billion profiles, Twitter is not lagging behind. Ignore this potential market and marketing channel at your own peril. Or, exploit the depth and penetration of Facebook using an adept social media marketing service like digiceed. We have mastered Facebook and Twitter advertisement and have been hailed as a premium destination for social media marketing in London.

We have worked and handled the social profiles of many of our clients. Not only have webeen able to promote their products and services on these channels, we have also established a strong communication channel for the customers. We have also polished their online images and kept the negative vibes at bay. Very often, our social media marketing in London has been appreciated for its holistic nature.

Advantage of Social media marketing forLondonbusinesses

  • Increase brand awareness for your company. Most of the ads display either image or logo or both and customers can recognise them later.
  • 1 billion potential customers. Probably the easiest way of finding new clients and customers for your offers.
  • Social media marketing has a positive effect on search engine ranking. Don’t be surprised, a robust Facebook profile is reflected by Google ranking as well.
  • Social media marketing has a higher conversion rate than many other channels.
  • As customers can interact with the company, you will find higher customer satisfaction rating among social media users.
  • Improved brand loyalty as you become more than a brand which responds to clients.
  • Social media marketing is one of the most cost effective marketing channels. Moreover, our social media marketing services in London has a low service charge as well.
  • Insightful analytics data from various tools from Google, Facebook and Twitter. Make decisions quickly and ride the trends.
  • Be a thought leader in your industry, post innovative and thought provoking posts and get instant followers.

Amazing Advantages of digiceed’s Social media marketing in London

  • We will formulate the best social media marketing campaign in London, incorporating your goal, mission, vision and budget.
  • We will create content which are thought provoking, witty, funny and informative. At the same time, they are so pleasing to eyes that people will share those without blinking.
  • Properly targeted audience selected after researching the industry standards so each penny spent is well spent.
  • Content promotion via paid channel, by contacting influencers and through employee advocacy.
  • Multi-tool measurement system including Facebook Insights, Google Analytics and Twitter Analytics. We have some third party tools for more analysis.
  • Data presented as actionable insights, not some numbers, so you are fully in sync with your social media marketing campaign.
  • Campaign set up and run within budget.
  • Many existing and past project reports to substantiate our claim of superior social media marketing in London.

If you are lagging behind in your social media presence, you need digiceed, the most preferred social media agency in London. Our project managers have handled and created social media presence for years and they can set up your campaign, repair your social media profile and get going in a jiffy. Get in touch with digiceed and launch your happening social media marketing in London.


the most popular questions

Q: Do you get me more likes and shares?

A: Yes and no. If you mean we get you spammy likes and shares against money, no sir, we don’t do that. However, we will promote your brand and get you as much natural likes and shares you deserve.

Q: I don’t have any social media presence, how do I start?

A: We will do it for you. We will create your profile afresh and get going. Often, not having a badly managed profile is better as you can start professionally, on a clean slate.

Q: I have lots of negative reports on social media against me. How do I cope up?

A: We will do it for you. Although this is almost “Online Reputation Management”, we don’t charge you extra for this, unlike many other social media marketing services in London. Our services are holistic and complete.

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