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Good SEO doesn’t start after the website is built

Good SEO starts WITH website building.

SEO Friendly Web Design From Digiceed; So You Rank Effortlessly

Let’s not make this basic mistake and hand over the duties to Digiceed for a SEO friendly web design which would ensure our SEO campaign starts on the right foot. Digiceed undertakes this additional duties of web design so that you don’t have to spend twice, build a website and build a SEO friendly website.

Digiceed is proficient in every type of web design, most importantly responsive web design which are completely SEO friendly. Whether it is ecommerce design, news aggregator design, personal blog or website design or social media design, we are ready to deliver a visually pleasing and SEO friendly web design for your website. Most importantly, all of our designs are completely responsive design which means they fit into every device perfectly.

Why Invest In SEO Friendly Web Design

  • SEO friendly web design is economical as it allows the SEO campaigns to start without any alterations to the site.
  • SEO friendly web design allows easier tracking code integration and exploit several advantages of popular plug-ins.
  • SEO friendly websites are easier to maintain because all the SEO factors can be easily modified from the back-end.
  • SEO friendly websites start ranking for certain terms without much effort because Google already finds fresh content there.
  • SEO friendly web design also offers the best user experience to the users as that is an inherent nature of the design.
  • SEO friendly websites are easier to promote when the actual SEO campaign begins.
  • Its easy to add keywords to the contents while creating the webpages, resulting in a much less effort in creating and uploading SEO friendly contents.
  • SEO friendly websites exploit the advantages of long, fresh, informative and keyword-rich contents on the website beautifully.

SEO Friendly Websites from Digiceed are like

  • Completely responsive design so that your website can load into any device, beautifully and swiftly and offers the best user experience.
  • Our amazing rates are bettered only by our more amazing quality of work. You will not find better work or better rates anywhere.
  • We have different teams for different needs so your website is built by an expert of the field.
  • Our SEO friendly websites are built on Magento, WordPress, PHP, HTML5, Joomla or any other platform you prefer.
  • We have delivered SEO friendly websites to many companies from different domains, making us an expert in this field.
  • Ecommerce, personal websites, social media or aggregator websites; we have built them all and will build for you as well.
  • Our completely in-house operations ensure that your website is designed by local designers who can understand your needs easily and you can touch base with them whenever needed.
  • We have the quickest turnaround time, detailed in our proposal. You don’t need to wait for unknown time period to get your website ready.
  • SEO optimised content in flawless English is readily available from our gifted writers who are all experienced in content writing and copywriting.
  • Eveready team to help you out and your dedicated point of support is readily available for any support, after-sales services or upgrade.

If you want a website which is instantly ready for your digital marketing initiatives without compromising the visual aesthetics or the functionalities, Digiceed is where you should knock. Our client list is rich with companies who are reaping rich dividends of our SEO ready web designs and ranking high with minimum efforts. It’s your turn now, to gain sustainable competitive advantage from our SEO ready websites.


the most popular questions

Q: Does SEO friendly web design include SEO elements of the website?

A:  Yes and no. If you have employed our SEO services, we will provide the SEO elements like meta tags, alt tags and others. Otherwise, you need to provide these to us so we can integrate those in the design.

Q: Does your package include scopes of changing, editing or modifying the design?

A: Absolutely YES! We will work till you are happy. You can submit all the changes you want in the beta design and we will incorporate those before launching. If any of those features SEO friendliness of the design, we will frankly tell you that as well.

Q: Do you provide ready-made solutions or bespoke?

A: Both, however, all are SEO friendly. You can choose from hundreds of tried and tested templates for easier maintenance and deployment. You can also ask for bespoke and unique design and features if you want to stand really apart.

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